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About Us

Transforming businesses looking to accelerate growth in Taiwan


Market Research Taiwan provides growth strategy and advisory for local companies, conglomerates, multinationals, and government agencies. Our team of consultants in Taiwan have deep industry expertise across various local sectors, including manufacuring, automotive, construction, healthcare, consumer and retail, technology and telecommunications, and agricultural industries.

We deliver high-impact solutions for clients to help them achieve sustained and valuable growth in the Taiwanese market. Our professionals will dive into various market data from customers, distributors, suppliers, competitors, partners, industry associations, and government officials.

We will present strategic recommendations to support your business objectives and allow you to maximize opportunities in Taiwan.

How We Work


Market intelligence, not market data

Market Research Taiwan comprises seasoned advisors who tailor market solutions for clients. We develop distinct methodologies and apply our deep market knowledge to digest rough data and deliver an organized collection of findings and viable recommendations.

Detailed research, personalized solutions

Our analysts and consultants provide actionable insights from primary sources and are presented with our thorough analysis. Each client receives findings based solely on their needs, with recommendations for each company's business goals.


Local expertise, global vision

Our professionals have distinctive knowledge of the Taiwanese business landscape. Our diverse industry experience helps us support businesses in accelerating growth and optimizing operations to increase their capacity and maximize productivity.

Our Team




    Haruki Hikosaka is a Director and serves as Office Manager of Taiwan Office. Since joining YCP Solidiance in 2017, he has been involved in various management services in Japan and Hong Kong, such as business strategy planning, business due diligence for M&A deals and PMI (Post-Merger Integration) support, market research and entry strategy planning in Greater China and Southeast Asia region. He has been leading projects in Taiwan market since 2021, and currently serves as the Managing Director of Taiwan office, providing a wide range of support for Japanese companies entering the Taiwan market, from research and strategic planning to execution.

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